Musical “shows”

Bakersfield and Beyond IS a music program (so musical shows is just fine, right?) We have been somewhat lax about keeping our blog up – shame on us! Mike said he’d get the play lists up shortly. Speaking of “short”. Mike and I will be swapping with Shorty of Shorty’s Bunkhouse on KWMR. Shorty is going to take the 11th of November (our usual spot). We will take both the 18th and the 25th. Please make a note of it, but if you forget and tune in to Shorty’s Bunkhouse I don’t think you will be disappointed in the least. The first time I listened to Shorty’s show I had to go and check to make sure that someone had not stolen my CD collection.

We will resume our regular rotation after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Send in your requests! Should be some fun shows. Live interviews, some live music and lots of great Bakersfield Sound tunes.

If you are just hanging out near a radio or computer on Saturday, November 6th (tomorrow) you can tune in and catch my Daylight Savings special program as I cover Free Range Picking from noon to 2 pm  on KWMR. I’ll also be riding the rails withe Riding the Rails – the Americana Express on Wednesday night the 10th of November. Might get some company on that show – you will have to tune in to hear for sure. 6:30 – 8:30 PM – California time, baby!

Thanks for listening! (and reading) – Amanda


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