Bakersfield & Beyond wins Best Media Personalities

Quite surprised by this after being on the air for one short year, but also quite honored.  Amanda and Mike were chosen as “Best Media Personalities” for Bakersfield & Beyond on KWMR by the North Bay Bohemian’s Marin edition.  Quite an honor and the second year in a row for KWMR.  Last year it was Charlie Morgan for his show, Musical Variete.  Charlie also spearheaded the campaign for Bakersfield & Beyond to capture the award this year.  Thanks Charlie! And thanks to everyone who listens!

Here’s a link to the interview we did on KWMR’s West Marin Report.



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3 responses to “Bakersfield & Beyond wins Best Media Personalities

  1. It’s an honor and a pleasure to know both of you. Congratulations!

  2. PS: I’ve been spreading the word via word of mouth as well as via Bakersfield and Beyond and

  3. I have sent this blog to my pals in Fresno to check out. Thanks

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