KWMR Spring Pledge Drive

We don’t ask for much.  We love playing music and we love this little show we created.  However, the radio station, KWMR, is a not for profit station that serves the community of West Marin and we need the support of listeners to help stay on the air.  Beginning March 17, KWMR kicks off the spring pledge drive and our show on March 18 will be our turn to ask for pledge money.

In addition to the great music we will continue to play Thursday March 18, we will be asking for pledges.  We have a lot of great pledge premiums – CD’s from Red Meat, Ruby Dee and The Snakehandlers, and a couple of really great compilations from Ace RecordsBakersfield Rebels and Country & West Coast:  The Birth of Country Rock.  We also have a couple of books from Gerald Haslam, Workin’ Man Blues:  Country Music in California.  This book is an incredible resource in understanding the music we all know and love and love to play for listeners.

We hope folks can tune in on Thursday March 18 from 6:40 to 9:00 and help support our favorite radio station.  And oh, I saved the best news for last – Smelley Kelley, vocal stylist from Red Meat, will be in the studio with us.  He’s promised to bring a sampling of his vinyl collection to spin and he’ll be helping us ask you to help support the station.

Thank you.


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