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On our December 24 show we played the song Some Day by Jones Family Fortune. Wanted to let folks know if they enjoyed that song that they can download it from CD Baby or iTunes for .99 cents and continue to enjoy it while helping to raise funds to assist the families of the four slain police officers from Tacoma, WA. There are two versions for download. One is the full band electric version of the song and the second is an acoustic version of the same song. Ian Jones was a long time friend of Ron Owens, one of the four officers slain on November 29th, 2009. It was great to also be able to play Dr. BLT’s Homeless Christmas medley, which was recorded to raise funds for a homeless shelter in Bakersfield and is available through Dr. BLT’s blog.


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  1. I greatly appreciate you folks posting the link to my website for folks to link to the Homeless Christmas Medley. I also want to encourage folks, once again to buy the song by Jones Family Fortune. I have it. I’m a proud owner. It rocks!

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