Thursday the 22nd – David T. Carter in studio – new releases!

This Thursday Mike and I will be in the studio at KWMR for Bakersfield and Beyond. We are departing from our normal schedule slightly while swapping with our friend Shorty from Shorty’s Bunkhouse. We will be back on November 12th after two weeks off. But this week David T. Carter will be in the studio with us, and his guitar to talk about his music and play some tunes. We have a brand new release recorded especially for Bakersfield and Beyond in the backyard tree house  by my pal David Goldberg and his band The Floating Coats. The song is called Stoned Millionaire. Dr. BLT has a new hit, just recorded and being released early for Halloween – it is called Halloween with Jim Beam. I’m sure that we will play some more Gary Stewart this week since I can’t get enough of his haunting voice and some Wichita’s – they sent us their CD recently and Mike has been previewing it. Maybe spin some vinyl as well. So many songs, just not enough time. Any requests?


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One response to “Thursday the 22nd – David T. Carter in studio – new releases!

  1. Thanks for mentioning my new song. I am always very grateful for your support, as I’m sure a lot of Bakersfield Sound and Bakersfield-sound-grounded artists are.

    I’ll be in Disneyland with my family for this coming show, but being the big “Bakersfield and Beyond” fans that we are, I’m sure we’ll find some time to check out the show via our iPhones.

    The music you play goes good with all activities, including scary rides and haunted houses.

    If it all works out, I’ll try to call in, or, if it works better for you, you could call me on my cell, and we could touch base.

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