Sad news

One of Dave Alvin’s Guilty Women, Amy Farris, passed away September 26 at her home in Los Angeles. Her record label, Yep Roc, posted the info on their website. There is a lot of speculation about how she died on the internet. Rather than focus on that, I prefer to focus on how she lived and the music legacy she left behind. I’ll have plenty of her music to play tomorrow evening. RIP Amy Farris. She was only 40 years old.

Dave Alvin had this to report from his Facebook page:  “Mourning the loss of my friend and musical compatriot, Amy Farris.  The words sad and sorrowful are too weak to express what I’m feeling.  Rest in Peace, Amy.”

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  1. Sorry to hear the news. My sympathies go out to friends, family members and fans. The loss is deep for those who are fans. The loss is deeply personal for family members and close friends.

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