Recap of the September 3 show!

It was another fun evening in Studio A at KWMR. We ended up not spinning any vinyl that we brought in, and the play list is shorter than usual since we played a lot of newer music, Still very much “Bakersfield Sound”, but leaning more towards the “beyond” status of our show’s moniker. Newer recordings tend to be longer than many of the older tunes tending to play longer than four minutes, whereas older songs fall in to the two to three minute ranger, or sometimes even shorter. Mike will post the play list, but highlights for me included our Cajun themed set kicking off with Big House and playing the Councilmen hit Boxcar Sermon. We had a very nice chat with Keaton York of the Councilmen, who (and this is no surprise to us) is another super nice and friendly guy from Bakersfield! And how about the Beat Farmers – fun stuff. Overall it was a show with great variety. Thanks to Dr. BLT for his bi-weekly check in to the show via telephone and for catching the “teaser” in the Bakersfield Californian about Robert Price’s Sunday article on the show. Can’t wait to check it out. Our next show airs during Pledge Drive for KWMR on September 17. Kim McAbee will be joining us and we’ll be playing some great Bakersfield Sound tunes. Hope you can tune in. Thanks for listening!



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2 responses to “Recap of the September 3 show!

  1. Penelope Viets

    I was glad to hear some Fattkatt and the VonZippers. I have heard them play live, and they are a great band. They give a true rockabilly twist to many favorites, and some of their original songs are truly outstanding! Thanks for playing stuff that is not necessarily available on more commercial stations. You guys rock!

  2. Amanda E

    Thanks for listening. Please let us know if you ever have any requests! Are you listening live or via the web?

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