Thursday, September 3 – Bakersfield and Beyond

Hope you can join us this Thursday on the show. We have managed to amass enough music to probably air shows until 2025 at this point, but are always on the lookout for more good tunes. Dr. BLT turned us on to a local Bakersfield band, the Councilmen – Keaton York, Taylor Haley, Julian Sanchez and Kyle Appleton. They have a new vide, Boxcar Sermon. Keaton York, the lead vocalist and songwriter for the band will be joining us via telephone to chat with us about their Bakersfield Sound.

We will also play some more of the vinyl that we picked up in Bakersfield when we visited last month and continue to play some of our favorites. Speaking of favorites, Dave Alvin and the Guilty Women are still touring so if you get a chance to see them live, I would recommend it!

Mostly we just look forward to getting back into the KWMR studio this week for the brief time that we have to bring you the Bakersfield Sound. Got a request? Just send us an email through the blog! Have a great day.

Keaton York, Taylor Haley, Julian Sanchez, Kyle Appleton



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2 responses to “Thursday, September 3 – Bakersfield and Beyond

  1. This is probably already a done deal, because the song is irresistible, but I’d like to request Boxcar Sermon by one of my favorite bands from Bakersfield, The Councilmen. You guys rock! I’m really looking forward to your Bakersfield and Beyond introduction!

  2. Kim Bean

    Read about your show in the Californian today…can’t wait to hear the show!
    Check out Wilson Gil and the Willful Sinners. Wilson is a Bakersfield boy who has been very influenced by the local talent. He is currently living in the Bay area and has done extensive touring in Europe.

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