Thanks again, Bakersfield!

The play list will be up in a few days. Mike’s power cord for his laptop has failed to deliver power to his computer – which is not good, but all is well and a new cord is “in the mail”. So stand by and check back for info on the tunes we played on the show last night. It was a fun evening filled with some old and some new from Bakersfield. Thanks again to Mike Cornett, Brian Boozer, Jeff Williams, Rockwell, Penny Marie, Kim McAbee, Buddy Owens, Dan Robertson and of course Dr. BLT for the warm welcome and fine introduction to Bakersfield.

We look forward to having Kim McAbee from the Buckaroos join us in September during the fall Pledge Drive for KWMR. We launched this show (Bakersfield and Beyond) last spring so this will be only our second pledge drive with KWMR, but we are looking forward to it. Whether you stream KWMR or listen to other community supported radio – make sure you say “thank you” and support them as you can – it’s this type of radio that really makes folks smile.

If you have recommendations for music that we might like or you yourself are making music in the Bakersfield Sound tradition, please let us know. We would love to hear from you!


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3 responses to “Thanks again, Bakersfield!

  1. Another local act well worth looking into that brings about the great Bakersfield Sound tradition…

    The Iron Outlaws:

  2. Hey Bakersfield & Beyonders,

    Bakersfield & The Bay will once again reunite, this time in the form of the Bay Area’s own all star intergalactic music Wünderkind known as Moonalice. They’ve got a great mix of Bakersfield Sound, Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Jefferson Airplane, downhome Blues, and originals! Featuring some of the industry’s finest: Roger McNamee, Ann McNamee, GE Smith, Jack Casady, Pete Sears, Barry Sless & John Molo. The Grateful Dead’s own roadie, Steve Parish is the Moonalice road manager emcee, & witch doctor! They came once before, earlier this year, and have to give it another go. They’ll be rockin’ the Fishlips stage on Saturday, September 5th.

    Check out their website for more info:

    Love to hear some of their jams on Bakersfield & Beyond sometime!

  3. there has always been great music out of bakersfield, buck owens has always told me that!


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