Play it again, Sam!

Seriously, some of these songs we could listen to again and again! As we delve further into the Bakersfield Sound we find the connections between the artists, their influences and folks playing back up – it’s a close knit family for sure. The people that we have made connections with since starting the show have all been so helpful, encouraging and excited about our little show.

Today we pack up and head south to the Central Valley and in to Bakersfield via Amtrak. Getting to Bakersfield via train seems appropriate, although we will have reserved seats and don’t plan to stow away in a box car. Our show from Bakersfield Eve last night was a fun one. Our set of songs including the name “Sam” received the most comments. I really enjoyed the small tribute to Tommy Collins (Leonard Raymond Sipes) and the chance later in the show to finally play Buck Owens’ version of the BeeGee’s Massachusetts.

We’ll return from Bakersfield with more tales to tell, no doubt. Looking forward to meeting some of the assorted characters that we have been in touch with since the show kicked off this past spring. Y’all enjoy your weekend!


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