Robert Price pays a visit to Olema

Yesterday while working at my inn I had a visitor. It was Robert Price, on his way through town heading back to Bakersfield. I had contacted him via email after finding a blog entry and learning about his interest in the Bakersfield Sound. We chatted for a bit about the Bakersfield Sound. We’ll miss  Robert when we visit Bakersfield because he will be away staying cool on the coast, but I imagine our paths will cross again.

He encouraged me to look into interviewing Ferlin Husky (I’m working on it) for one of our shows. We hope to have Robert join us via telephone later this year on Bakersfield and Beyond. He contributed to the new book, recently released on the Bakersfield Sound.

Thanks for paying a visit Robert!



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2 responses to “Robert Price pays a visit to Olema

  1. Sounds like a delightful visit. Ferlin Husky would be quite a distinguished guest for the show. I think I would find my sense of being star-struck a little hard to contain if he appeared as a guest on the show.

  2. Amanda E

    I learned that Ferlin Husky has been ill. I hope that he is doing better.

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