Far West Fest is “Beyond” and “Bakersfield” with Red Meat!

Next Thursday, July 9 Mike and I will be joined in the studio at KWMR by Smelley from the band Red Meat, Jill, another band member will join us via telephone. We last saw Red Meat when they opened for Wanda Jackson at the Mystic in Petaluma. They also backed Wanda up and it was a fantastic show. Inspired by the Bakersfield derived sound of this band we lobbied for their inclusion in Far West Fest on July 25th. Sometimes things just work out! Tune in this Thursday when we talk with band members and get your tickets to Far West Fest now at www.kwmr.org. Your favorite Bakersfield and Beyond hosts will be on hand to emcee the Red Meat set!


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One response to “Far West Fest is “Beyond” and “Bakersfield” with Red Meat!

  1. It’s a good thing my ears are not vegetarians. I’m looking forward to the show and to hearing more from Red Meat. I thought I learned everything I needed to know about red meat when I used to round up cattle on my dad’s ranch on the Saskatchewan river. LOL.

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