Buckaroo Bonet at KWMR

Buckaroo Bonet (2)Buckaroo Bonet relaxing after a set at KWMR Studio Last night (May 28) what fun! Jay Bonet and band mates Michael and Dan joined us in the studio – Buckaroo Bonet! Mike Weiss on stand up base and Dan playing the battery operated self amplified mini-guitar. They were fantastic! It’s always exciting to fit a band or even part of a band into Studio A at KWMR (not exactly roomy). Mike operated the board while I juggled the mics and headsets for the band. We did get some good photos of these guys and what a treat it was to be sitting there while they took some of their normally amplified tunes and brought them to us acoustically. Lots of talent jammed into the studio for sure. You can catch Buckaroo Bonet at the Old Western Saloon on Sunday, June 7 closing down the town after a rockin’ Western Weekend. If you can’t make it to Point Reyes Station on Sunday the 7th you can see these guys from 4-6 at the Union Street Fair in SF that same afternoon. A special thanks to Sandy for helping us wrangle the Buckaroo Bonet trio into the KWMR studio.


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  1. Great pictures. I really enjoyed the band, and I especially loved the instrumental solos.

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