Buckaroo “in the house”

Looking forward to this Thursday, May 28th  (6:30 – 8:30 PM – Pacific time: tune in at 90.5 FM or 89.9 FM in West Marin or streat us at www.KWMR.org) Bakersfield and Beyond show. We’ll be joined in the studio by Jay “Buckaroo” Bonet for a session of live music and chatting. Jay and his band will be playing at the Western Saloon on June 6th, the 60th annual Western Weekend! They played about a week ago at the Western to a robust crowd and we look forward to having him join us. Dr. BLT has been prolific this past week and we will get a chance to talk with him about things in Bakersfield.

Exciting news is that a new book on the Bakersfield Sound is being published and will be available for sale on June 18, 2009. Find out more at the Bakersfield Country Music Museum web site! We are tracking down more information on this and will feature an update in the future.

Hope you can tune in!


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  1. Sounds like another great show. As usual, it’s an honor, and a privilege to be included.

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