I was beyond the transmitter reaches of KWMR last week and nowhere near a computer when Mike was capably handling Bakersfield and Beyond from Studio A at KWMR, community radio. I was able to stop at a rest stop about an hour west of Elko, NV and call in. My timing was very good since Mike was able to call Homer Joy while I was in the queue and I was able to be on the air with Mike and Homer for a short time. My cell phone with wind and truck noise in the background was muddying up the sound so I checked out early to continue on our way east towards Salt Lake City.

Upon my return from Utah I listened to the show Mike had recorded for me. Hopefully soon we will be able to get our interviews with the likes of Homer Joy, Tim Hus and Wanda Jackson up on the Blog. Mike did a great job, and Homer is a real gem of a guy. The real deal. I look forward to meeting him in person one day soon. Dr. BLT was also able to join Mike on the show and they had a great conversation about the Bakersfield Sound. I especially like that Bruce assigns listening to Bakersfield and Beyond to his Chapman University students. Who’d a thunk?

Mike played some great tunes and I look forward to our next show on Thursday the 28th of May. Looks like Jay Bonet will join us with some live tunes!

Thanks for listening and for visiting the Blog.

Amanda E on the cell with KWMR - on the air with Homer and Mike

Amanda E on the cell with KWMR - on the air with Homer and Mike


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3 responses to “Beyond….

  1. Cuz, you rock! You are bring honor to Bakersfield. It used to be the only city in California that Fresno natives (like me) could insult. But you are doing it a service. They should hold a parade for you.

  2. That truck noise in the background would have gone very well with one of Red Simpson’s old truck songs.

    Of course “The Streets of Bakersfield” hold plenty of trucks as well, so I suppose it was just as fitting as an introduction to Homer Joy 🙂

    My students have their final exam on Wednesday, I should really test them on their knowledge of the show. LOL.

  3. TC

    It was great hearing Meestro on the air. Alive show would be even better.

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