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Story Time with BLT

by Bruce L. Thiessen, Ph.D., aka Dr. BLT (this was copied from Dr. BLT’s blog – check it out!)

Dale Bickert, the man they call “Oil Dale,” walked into the front door of his Oildale home after a hard-day’s-work out in the oil fields.  His wife, Dill, was in the kitchen with their son, Bobby, and their foreign exchange student from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Arlie Snow, who claimed to be a nephew of the late, great Canadian country singer, Hank Snow. 

The new radio show out of Marin County, Bakersfield and Beyond was playing in the background.  The show, originally streamed from http://www.kwmr.org, was being transmitted from the CB radio Bobby had in his truck.  Bobby was sitting in his truck in the garage, where he liked to hang out with his laptop computer and a six-pack of beer. 

Bobby had just returned from a college class he was taking with Dr. BLT called Family Dynamics.  He was training to become a psychologist.  The reason?  He realized that, as a bartender at Trout’s, he was listening to people’s problems all day long, yet not getting paid nearly as much as Dr. BLT, whom he had discovered at http://www.myspace.com/drbltrocks

By transmitting the radio show via his CB, Bobby felt like he was part of the radio crew at KWMR.  His textbook sat beside him next to the 6-pack of Moosehead beer, untouched.  His favorite theorist was Murray Bowen, simply because his last name sounded like Owens, and he was a big Buck Owens fans.  

Bobby knew nothing whatsoever about Bowen’s hypothesis regarding “transgenerational impact of mother-child symbiosis in the development and maintenance of schizophrenia”* or about that pesky “unresolved symbiotic attachment to mother”* that contributes to “unfulfilled emotional needs” in children—the ones those poor kids carry over into adult relationships that fall apart so readily, or, worse, hold together long after they should have fallen apart.  He was on the CB radio, and “in the zone,” as he called it, and that was all that mattered for Bobby. 

In the kitchen, it was the clanging of dishes being washed and put away, rudely interfering with “Bobby’s CB radio show” as he proudly called it. 

“Hey, they’re playing Canadian tunes tonight.  Isn’t that Tim Hus?  Dude’s real popular up in Saskatchewan, and Alberta, actually all across Canada,” Arlie proclaimed boldly as he began setting the table.  The reception ain’t to good coming from Bobby’s CB radio.  I sure wish you folks had more computers in the house, or that Bobby would just come in here and play it directly. 

“Since he heard that Canadian Paul Brandts cover of the song, Convoy, he’s been a real CB radio nut, and he thinks playing the show over the CB radios kind of gives it more of a retro feel,” Dill explained.  Dale had fallen asleep on the sofa, even before he had a chance to ask Dill for some of that cold Canadian beer Arlie had smuggled across the border….

To be continued. 

* Goldenberg, H., and Goldenberg, I., Family Therapy, An Overview, Thomson Brooks/Cole, 2008, 2004; p. 176-77.


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