Thursday, April 30 KWMR show – Bakersfield North

We hope that you can join us this coming Thursday for some great Bakersfield Sound. We will be exploring the Bakersfield Sound and it’s reaches northward. Buck Owens spent some time in Tacoma, Washington – in fact that is where he met Don Rich (originally from Olympia, WA). Tim Hus ( from Canada will be joining us via telephone and of course we will touch base with Dr. BLT (originally from Canada). There are some great tunes out of the Pacific Northwest, the SF Bay Area and other northern environs. Got a request? Send it on in, we’ll see what we can do.



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2 responses to “Thursday, April 30 KWMR show – Bakersfield North

  1. I’m looking forward to getting better acquainted with Time Hus, a fellow Canadian, and I’m looking forward to hearing some great Canadian music.

    • Amanda E

      Yes, we will have some good Canadian artists, but since it is “north” of Bakersfield there and there is quite a bit of territory between Bakersfield and the North Pole, you’ll hear a good variety. Some of the Canadian artists we were interested in in playing were hard to get tunes for on short notice. We may do a fully Canadian show down the road.

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