Want to request a song?

Just send us a message with your request and we will do our best to find it. If you are a Bakersfield musician or are influenced by the Bakersfield Sound, then send us an MP3 of your tunes and we may even play it on the air! You can email them to bakersfieldandbeyond@gmail.com.


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One response to “Want to request a song?

  1. Hank Ray Harwood

    I would like to request “truck Stop Girl” by the Byrds, as it is a true Bakersfield Classic see below:

    I few years back I wasat the Buck Owens Chrystal Palace for my birthday. My son gave Buck Owens
    a knapkin with the song “Made in Japan” . Buck called out my name and played the song for me with his band “The Buckaroos”. Later that night I had the honor of a few words with Buck. He said that “Bakersfield was not Nashville West, it had nothing to do with Nashvilee, that is whyit was so important to the counrty music rebellion back then” In truth the term was coined from a band’s name in the 1960s “Nashville West was a short-lived American country music and rock quartet that was briefly together in the late 1960s. The group comprised multi-instrumentalist Gene Parsons, guitarist Clarence White, singer-guitarist-fiddler Gib Guilbeau and bassist Wayne Moore. Parsons and White left the band to join The Byrds while Guilbeau later joined the Flying Burrito Brothers.” Clarence White changed the guitar sound with the Telecaster in the 1960s as Buck Owens and Don Rich did in a few years earlier. Clarence had revolutionized the accustic bluegrass guitar styles as well.

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